Whether you are a tired mom, worn out from shift work, or experiencing a prolonged sense of fatigue or troubled sleep, acupuncture supports the body’s natural energy levels and helps combat fatigue.

A prolonged lack of sleep can be very harmful to you. Ensuring a good night’s sleep is very important in order to maintain overall mental, emotion and physical well-being.

A prolonged lack of sleep can result in:
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • irritability
  • muscle soreness
  • impaired cognitive function
  • fibromyalgia

Fatigue is distinguished from the tiredness that comes from sleepless nights because it actually causes physical and mental symptoms like sullen moods, inattentiveness and slow reaction times.

Fatigue can lead to many different physical ailments such as:
  • headaches
  • muscle soreness and pain
  • weight gain
  • chronic fatigue, which in turn can lead to insomnia

Insomnia is the inability to obtain sufficient sleep, difficulty falling asleep or being unable to asleep throughout the night. Although typically caused by temporary causes such as jetlag, illness or stress, if you experience prolonged insomnia, you should seek help.

Insomnia can result in:
  • low energy
  • reduced concentration
  • diminished mental alertness

According to TCM, the body is a system of energy called Qi. Qi is made up of two energy sources, yin and yang. An imbalance between these two energy forces it may lead to fatigue and insomnia. The effects of fatigue and insomnia are minimized when your energy balance is restored. Acupuncture, along with proper nutrition (as discussed with your practitioner) and rest, can help to restore this balance of the body’s energy. Acupuncture is used to stimulate energy for yang as well as create calm in the energy of yin by using a system of pressure points and meridians.

When should I start my treatment?

Treatment can begin as soon as symptoms onset, whether acute or chronic.