Your Experience with Body in Balance
  • Comprehensive holistic approach to support you and your partner throughout your fertility journey based on your lifestyle, overall health and nutrition
  • Nutritional support
  • Every patient and couple are unique and this is reflected through your individualized treatment plan
  • As you progress through your fertility journey our support and treatment focus shifts with you

Men are 50% of the baby-making equation! Our team helps men prepare for both natural conception & ART (Artificial Reproductive Therapy like IVF & IUI).

Acupuncture has demonstrated effectiveness in promoting sperm health and vitality. We believe that supporting both partners during the pre-conception phase gives the best results.

Sperm takes approximately 90 days to grow and become mature. Seeking acupuncture treatment during this time can influence and optimize sperm health.

Causes of infertility may include:
  • sperm
  • unexplained infertility
We recommend our patients read the following research article:

When should I start my treatment?

Acupuncture can commence at any time.